Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why are we humans?

What was the chance that we were actually born as humans, and that we individually control ourselves?

Let's think about it, you are a human. Why aren't you an animal? or an insect? There are so many more of those, you were very lucky to be born as a human.

There were billions of years of animals, insects, other life forms on Earth before us, what was the chance that we were born in this time frame? I wouldn't say it was very high.

So far, I think that recently would have been the best time to be born in. Before that, millions of years where living conditions weren't always that great. It all seems a little too much of a coincedence that we just happen to be living at the opportune time, when we are greatly at an advantage over people born several hundred years ago to millions of years before that.

Why? Do you see that it was a really REALLY low chance that we were born as a human, in this time which seems much greater than past times? Instead of being born as any other living creature we just happen to be born as a human in the best of times. (which seems like the choice we would have wanted to make anyway)

I am not complaining, I just thought it was an interesting observation and I have been beginning to think that there is something far greater than this universe and all that, unless we just happen to have been very lucky...

I am not religious, so I don't believe in going to heaven or hell once you die, but what I believe *COULD* happen is that something actually occurs after you die.

I wish I knew what happens after dying.

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