Monday, September 22, 2008

I-doser - Lucid Dream

Sometimes, you get up in the morning with the feeling you had a nice dream the night before. And sometimes, you might just remember it.

Now I don't always remember my dreams, maybe twice a week minorly, but last night I remember having 3 different dreams. No, unfortunately they weren't lucid though I do remember at least slightly what happened.

The first one we were in maths and it had something about spoons, that's about all I remember of that one but I do remember it.

The second one I was blogging about leather working in World of Warcraft except walking around in the Dryad place from Dungeon Siege 2. I remember the numbers 3 and 4 for some reason. What a randomly weird dream but it happened.

Then I walked into a cave in a different dream, there was some people and they told me I had to kill the dragon or some such creature. That was pretty strange but it didn't happen then I woke up.

So I think this lucid dream dose works to an extent. I might try it again sometime as I believe it only increases the chances of a lucid dream -- not guarantees it.

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coo thankz , ill try so ill tell you more bout it