Monday, September 22, 2008

I-doser - Orgasm Quickhit

If I've worked out one thing it's that I have to press my headphones up to my ears to hear all the beats properly. It must be intended for bud headphones. My headphones slip off my hears and especially if I tried to lie down they would just fall off.

This dose didn't work for me though it has before only slightly. All it did this time was increase breathing slightly. Although it doesn't really produce a real orgasm, so I'm not sure how much it is supposed to work. I couldn't resist trying it anyway.

I would be tempted to try a more strong dose but the stronger ones make me paranoid and take longer. They must work though if they make me paranoid.

I don't really want to take ones that give hallucinations as it is 12:25am and I am scared they might do something to me. I-doser is scary enough as it is :P

Just now I am going to work out what dose to take next and that's enough for one night.

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