Monday, October 13, 2008

Left hand training update

So It hasn't been long since I started using my left hand but I do have more information to add since then.

As for progress, probably not much. I can write a bit better, brush my teeth good enough, and even straighten my hair without burning myself. Though it has not been long, and constantly doing these activities with my left hand will eventually lead to much more control, and will make me a more powerful being or so I would hope(hehe). Though it is very easy to forget to use the left hand, so I continually use my right hand without thinking.

Perhaps I should start lifting a fairly light weight, 5kg perhaps, with my left arm only as to build it up a bit to be equal in strength to the right arm. Accuracy is the harder part(writing, throwing objects, completing one handed tasks and such with the left hand).


Jerri Ann said...

My husband can complete many tasks left handed. He definitely eats left handed and he does real well with a hammer and a drill and such with one hand as well as the other. I had to have surgery on my thumb on my right hand last winter and it was bandaged up for 2 weeks. I almost went nutso trying to do menial tasks. It was crazy!

luctensity said...

nice try! tried it before and i last for like umm 3 days? haha