Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wordsearches know how to teach!

Note that the title isn't serious. Wordsearches can also be known as "find-a-words", "word finds", "find words", and so on. The grid puzzle with jumbled words hidden in other letters that you have to find a list of.

Our science teacher favours them. Classifies them as "theory work". It seems the best way she can teach us a list of words related to the subject. If you think about how many wordsearches you have done during school, and how long that would have taken you, that is how long you have wasted. Wordsearches are probably the best example of busywork. Especially when given as homework.

So we finished our science experiment, wasn't too exciting and didn't teach much but that is another story, then she decided to give us a wordsearch to keep us busy. COUGHBUSYWORKCOUGH. That exactly defines busywork. Then she decided we had to have it finished to go to lunch not that she really checked, I just find that hilarious. "You must complete all busywork before I can let you go." What a laugh hey.

You learn nothing from wordsearches, they pass time slightly, they are only because you have a substitute teacher or the teacher failed to give you material which actually had meaning, and you could be doing more worthwhile tasks instead.

Do you see why I don't like school? Things like these are very common. Most poeple seem to take it, they just live with it and tell me that if its easy it shouldn't take long. If it is easy and pointless, why bother?

I have just recently closely observed how so many people of authority at the school seem blind to the presence of pointless activities, busywork. Wordsearches, crosswords, fill in the blanks, random comprehension activities which I could have done in grade 4 and so on.

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