Sunday, August 31, 2008

(not so)Relevance of School Work

Like I explained in a previous blog post, I had been having difficulty working out how writing sentences with words I already know will teach me anything. As an update on that, the teacher is going to check them in the near future and I have about 60 words to go, which I probably won't do.

Well other than that, we have been given our form to choose subjects for our senior years. That's all well and good but they have already worked out what times each of the classes are in before they worked out who wanted what class. Guess doing a poor job doesn't cut their paycheck, so it doesn't really matter to them if half the people aren't satisfied with the class options they have.

What I am talking about is that, there are 6 blocks, you have to choose one class for each. You have to do an English, and you have to do a Maths. So because they chose the classes for each times before knowing which students wanted what classes, you get a bunch of things you want in one block, and nothing you want in another block. You can't choose 2 from the same block. So, in one block you have to choose from Japanese, German, health education, physical education, agriculture, chemistry or ancient history. The only 2 I wouldn't cry if I was forced to do are chemistry an ancient history. That doesn't mean I want to do them.

So, for 2 years after this year I will be doing ancient history. I would rather ancient history because it is probably a lot easier, but either way neither subject will really help me. I'm not saying I don't want to learn chemistry, I just don't like the way science is done in school.

So, that means in another block there are 2 subjects I want, extension maths and one of the computer based subjects. There is another computer based subject, which I will do, but it is frustrating how they put a computer based subject and maths on at the same time. I guess they can never get it perfect, but it would have been a lot better if they worked out classes before times, then maybe *30% would be unhappy/don't care instead of *50% being unhappy/don't care.

The reason I say don't care is because it would be unfair to take a percentage of people who are happy with the subjects against those that aren't, because that's just it, a lot of people don't care that they have to do a few subjects they don't want. Therefore if they looked at it they would think its okay because only maybe *20% of people are actually unhappy, the rest just don't care. I do.

So now that I have one more subject that I don't want, and one less that I do want, if I want to get a good score for university(college) from grade 11 and 12, I have to do well at a subject I dislike. If I want a completely perfect score, I would now have a lot more work to do in ancient history to get it. Like with chemistry, I am not saying I dislike history, it is just one of those subjects I can do much better on my own.

So now that I have a burdened senior, what else involving school is there that I want to rant about?

Well we had to read Romeo and Juliet. I would be surprised if someone got through grade 10 without ever having to do it. A lot of people like Shakespeare and his works, and I am not going to argue that reading it is absolutely pointless. I just don't want to be forced into it.

It seems the only important reason we read it is because it was written 400 years ago. Sure you might say it depicts love but a lot of people my age I've talked to don't really think it is that important either. If you are an adult, you will probably say it is, and you were also probably bored of it when you were in high school. Why not wait until I am an adult to bother with it? because I was already forced to do it before I cared...

I also feel that with every generation people will become less and less interested in it.

Also with the early modern English, and that it is written like a poem, it doesn't particularly teach English. The older language is obsolete, and we shouldn't have to remotely learn it to get the gist of what the text means. I didn't have fun reading it, and I am glad it is over now all I have to do is the assignment. Writing a remake of a scene but in a different setting, a literary transformation.

Too bad I haven't thought of a good idea for that yet.

*Percentages are estimated based on who I have talked to

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