Thursday, August 21, 2008


Optimism is where someone usually expects a good outcome. Well Today I officially declare I am an optimist. I do expect the future to be "optimal"(I guess that is where they get optimist from).

I think everything is going to work out, once I leave school that is. Right now things are fairly still, I'm restricted with my age and money, so I am stuck at home or school most of the time.

But, when I am buying my own food, supplying myself with everything, I'll have a lot more choice and freedom. I seem to have one thing in mind all the time, maximising my life. I intend on living until I am at least 125, while sleeping polyphasically(see other blogs).

I also intend on living very healthily. Since I will be buying my own food, I can stop buying lots of junkfood. Right now I come home from school and eat stuff like cakes, icecream, biscuits or toasted sandwhiches, rarely do I come home and eat fruit or vegetables(who said you can't eat vegetables for an afternoon snack).

It sounds fairly simple to me, just don't buy all the stuff I shouldn't be eating, but I guess I am thinking a little far in the future, and I'll have to wait until it actually happens.

But basically I just want to make life the best it can be, and I'm sure it will be, so therefore I am an optimist, and I like that title.

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