Thursday, August 14, 2008

The start of a new blog

This post marks the start of my new blog. Unlike past blogs this is not about polyphasic sleep. To view those visit my profile. This is a blog where I share my opinions, particularly to things which effect me.

Since I originally started my polyphasic sleep blog, I began liking blogging. Since then I have had many ideas so I wanted to create more of a general blog.

This is not so just a day recount of what happened. I am not going to come home from school and just plainly write what happened that day. I want to share my ideas, and write my own views on things.

The goal is to maintain a blog over an extended period of time, that, when I form a strong opinion about something which has happened to me, which is surprisingly a lot, I write about it. These will be mostly intelligent ideas, not just "Argh I hate x because its bad".

For example, something may occur one day which will cause me to think a lot about the topic, I may read about it on the internet, or someone may tell me about something, even a combination of those which will cause me to form my own view.

Other than just my opinions, I will also try to write about interesting stuff that has happened to me, when it happens. Without trying to give away personal details, that is, so of course I won't be able to write about some things.

Right now my monophasic sleep requires attention, so I shall come back probably tomorrow to add onto my blog.

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