Friday, October 10, 2008

Train the left hand to become similiar to the right hand

Why do you and why do I want to train my left hand to become nearly as efficient as the right?
If you were able to use both your hands equally, or as close as you can for everything, you would be far more efficient in general. Imagine it as this, Your left hand(or right if you are left handed) is half as good as your right. Not exactly, but that seems fair enough to base it on. So your right hand will be 100% and your left hand will be 50%. So overall 75% effective. If you managed to train your left hand, obviously not as good as your right, it may end up 80% instead of 50%. That would make a 90% overall instead of 75%. Obviously not exactly as that is just an estimate, but still shows the point.

Plus, to add to that, your right hand will be better assisted by the left, increasing productivity even more. So your right hand will do better just by having your left hand doing better so your right hand will be less taxed by everyday activities meaning it will have less to do. That would mean your right hand will exceed the 100% you had before, possibly even to 110% of what you had. Isn't it a great feeling, exceeding 100%.

Pretty much you would just have more control.

So, why exactly did I want to start using my left hand?
There are times during school where you would randomly start to write with your opposite hand. No reason really, you just wanted to see how well you could do. That happened today. At first it was barely readable but then it got a little better as I slowed down and better gripped the pen. Just within the last hour, I google searched the possibility to learn with the left hand and I discovered that others had done this to varying levels of success.

Now, it is possible to train the left hand, but the right hand is because most peoples left side of the brain is dominant. For some reason, the right hand is linked with the left side of the brain and the left with right. This means the left side of my body will never be as strong as the right. Limited not only to hands but legs are another good example.

So from now, I will start doing a lot of things with my left hand that I would generally have done with the right. Varied examples include washing myself with the sponge being equipped in the left hand, opening doors, turning on taps, holding things in general and so on. Of course, writing, one of the hardest things with the off hand but definitely worth doing to train fine motor skills. Wherever appropriate I will try to use my left hand instead of the right hand.

We will see how this goes, if it is possible for my left hand to become stronger. Others have done it, let's see if I can.


jorel314 said...


Great experiment. I have been trying it lately too.

I first started by brushing and flossing with my opposite hand.

Then, I started using my mouse with my left hand.

My ultimate goal is to be an ambidextrous tennis player.

I'll be sure to follow your progress.

therealgr8dude said...

Tell us more about your progress. I've decided to do the same thing, my objective being to become an ambidextrous badminton player (-:

mostafa yasser said...

well i will train my left hand to become a better pianist ( because i woul really like to master chords )... that would be really cool

Hichem Touati said...

hey man how is progress going?