Sunday, November 30, 2008

Refining polyphasic sleep plans

Well I've realised that no way am I going to bed at 10:30pm. Well, at first. That is too early for me currently so I'll have to work it back to 10:30pm if I did want any chance to be able to do this over school. At first I am going to have to sleep a bit later. Let's see if I can work this out...

3 hours at 12:00am-3:00am

25 minutes at 8:30am

25 minutes at 2:00pm

25 minutes at 6:30pm

It is not quite exactly spaced out and the gaps are up to 1hour different. That would be a problem if this were uberman, but fortunately it is everyman. Everyman is far more flexible than uberman and allows for things such as these.

From Monday to Friday for the next 2 weeks the first 2 naps are very unlikely anyone will disturb me or know I am napping. I got off school 2 weeks early so most my family are out during the day. This will give me an opportunity to adapt while showing it as little as possible. I want that because when people are around my room and I am almost asleep I can just hear them talking.

As for the core, it may be difficult to wake up at 3am. I only have one alarm so I have to figure out a way to assist me to get up. Perhaps I can just pull out a mattress in the room I am in now, not my bedroom. That way I can bring my alarm clock in here and I shouldn't be quite as relaxed as in my bed so I'll be able to get up easily and use my computer to keep me occupied. Also, I'll get water and place it close to where I am sleeping so when I get up I have something to do straight away.

I'll get a few movies that I can put on as well as using my computer. That way I can keep myself occupied more than just sitting here passing time. I can also grab myself a bag of nuts too, so I have something to eat which should give me some energy to stay awake.

My Strategy

All that is well and good but I need an exact strategy. I am supposed to be starting tonight -- but I am not REALLY starting polyphasic sleep. Before I do that I have to make myself able to sleep polyphasically. I learnt from last time that I can't just wake up from a 3 hour sleep and start napping. I need to deprive myself of sleep enough so that I can nap.

Step 1)Get sleep deprived so I can nap

Step 2)Start the actual sleep schedule

What I need to do is skip my core sleep tonight, so I MAY be able to nap during the day tomorrow. If I slept for 3 hours tonight, I wouldn't feel like napping and I probably couldn't if I tried. I probably wouldn't be able to get to sleep successfully for my core anyway, until I am tired enough.

Compared to last time I tried, I think I have a far better chance this time. Hopefully my parents will remember that one of them said I can try it during the holidays...

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