Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 2 - Actual start

Nap 1 - skipped

Nap 2
This morning I napped successfully at 6:30am. I skipped the 2:30am nap, but I probably could have taken it if I'd wanted to(unnecessary risk involved). I was eager to take a nap, and already I am doing far better than I did last time I tried. It was interesting, I am lying there unable to get the thoughts to stop in my head and the next thing I know I am wondering what that beeping noise is and time has moved forward 20 minutes suddenly. I almost went back to sleep, but I had my alarm nice and close to make sure I don't.

Before the nap I opened paint and drew up a table with 6 naps, and about 12 days to put crosses and ticks in successful and unsuccessful naps. For day 1 I already put red crosses on the naps because Day 1 was yesterday. I believe this is a form of motivation. The green ticks look nice. It's like a strike in bowling, boosts your confidence and makes you happier. Though the strike in this case is actually a fail and the tick is the pass.

Nap 3
Later on, I napped for the second time today. I now have 2 successive ticks on the table. I've worked out the trick here - place the alarm clock as close to you as possible so you won't sleep past it. I used to go putting the alarm clock around the room so I'd have to get up and find it. I usually just slept through it. For this nap I slept on a mattress on the floor, and awoke with the same mild sleep deprivation I've had all day.

I don't believe I have mentioned yet but it is summer in Australia right now and last time I tried it was winter. Seriously, it makes a big difference. Back then I'd wake up '"ohh my bed is so nice and warm and its cold and boring and tired out there I know I'll just relax for a few minutes crap its midday instead of 7". Not happening here.

I am also writing this post as I go. After each nap I am writing a few paragraphs. I think it's a good way to do it and gives me something to do. Well, let's see how I go on future napping.

Nap 4
I shouldn't have eaten that icecream, but I have been hungry today. I felt slightly sick before but I think that's because of the orange I ate(wasn't the best) and then a few glasses of water(sometimes gives off the weird feeling). So about an hour after that, I microwaved some 2 minute noodles and ate a small amount of icecream. That was at around 1pm. I didn't realise that I napped so close to that until I was writing this just now but I napped a bit early at 2pm instead of 2:30pm. Well, meditate. I think the icecream didn't let me sleep but I've felt surprisingly awake in the last few hours.

Apparently we are having dinner a bit earlier tonight so I have to be prepared to nap early which is why I tried to nap earlier here to make it more even. I think I'll nap at 5:50pm instead of 6:30pm. Not too bad to do once while adapting.

Anyway, even though I didn't actually get to sleep for this nap, I still put in a green tick. It wasn't an oversleep or a complete fail. Lying down for a nap and not sleeping is better than ignoring it completely. So, 3 in a row. I slept on the mattress again because it is easier to wake up from. I believe I will sleep on the mattress again at 2:30am otherwise I'd say there is a good chance I'd just decide to stay in bed and ruin my day. It is so frustrating when you over sleep.

Imagine it as whenever you nap successfully, you gain a small percentage towards being adapted. When you oversleep a large percentage is deducted like you'll go from 40% adapted to 10% in 6 hours oversleep. I am just guessing those numbers, but it sounds like the reason why most fail.

Nap 5
I napped right after I ate dinner. Generally you aren't supposed to nap right after eating, but the other option was just to skip, which wouldn't have been as good. It was about 6:35pm when I set the alarm for 7:03pm. I was just lying there then like usual I fell in to a light sleep. Maybe only for a few minutes, and I woke up about 9 minutes before the alarm went off. I still marked this off as a tick in my sleep table, which I will post later, but I suspect that tomorrow napping will contain better quality sleep, and that I'll be more tired during the day.

Nap 6
This is the final nap of the day at 10:30pm. It was really weird actually. I was probably nearly asleep for the most of it but I still couldn't get completely asleep. At one point my body felt numb and tingling and I felt like something really weird was happening. First thing that popped in to my mind was astral projection, but nope, that wasn't it.

Tomorrow hopefully my post won't be so long and I expect to see a further increase in my adaption and I doubt I'll oversleep. I think that for the first day of actually sleeping like this, I've done pretty well.

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