Thursday, December 4, 2008

Polyphasic sleep, Day 4

This would be the day that is the most tired and the worst day of the adaption. Not for me, I didn't nap the first day and overslept the third, so day 6 and 7 will probably be my bad days. If I make it through that, the chance of me failiing is very small(exciting thought, remember I'm only 15).

Dad found out this morning that I am doing polyphasic sleep. He asked why I am up at 3am and 8am. He doesn't like the idea but hasn't stopped me yet. I should get away with it.

Anyway the naps have all been similiar. I lie there semi concious, and remember waking up, but I don't remember really going to sleep. I haven't stuffed up again so I am doing well since yesterday. Surprisingly awake, but I did get the 6 hours oversleep yesterday. Though still surprising because with this amount of sleep I wouldn't usually be this awake - I must be adapted enough to gain something from naps(probably a small amount).

This morning I took my nap at 6:30am like planned but I ended up getting up later somehow. I don't remember what happened, probably overslept but barely, maybe 10 minutes. Now that I think about it I took the nap a little later maybe about 15 minutes late, 25 minutes napping then lying there for a bit. I remember setting my alarm just incase I went back to sleep. That's what happens when you nap with a blanket on, but only a minor oversleep anyway, I just ignored it.

So later this evening I couldn't take my 6:30pm nap (again) we went out (again). Third time lucky tomorrow? Aslong as I get atleast 3 days full uberman with no missing naps or oversleep I should be fine. After that well I guess I'll find out how my body takes to skipping naps... it really varies on the person. If I can't skip a nap, it may create problems in the future as it is unlikely that doing stuff will accomodate for such sleep pattern.

10:30pm - I could say this is my best nap since the 2:30am one I had before I overslept. I must have recovered from that oversleep now or even further than I was before it. That nap was great though I was a bit confused as to whether or not I had actually napped when I woke up, but I soon remembered. Not particularly restoring, but I slept well.

Today definitely made progression. Though I skipped a nap, I didn't go backwards. Soon I'll be full uberman.

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