Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 3

My 2:30am nap has been my best nap so far. Though it was really weird when I woke up. I thought I had overslept. There was a strange beeping noise and I didn't know what to do. I turned off the xbox 360 and the tv (which I left running so it was good to go when I woke up) but the noise didn't stop. I hardly remember doing this I was barely conscious. I then woke up more and realised it was the alarm clock and I kept pressing buttons to find the turn off button. After that when I remembered when I had napped I worked out I didn't oversleep, and I felt awake enough. For the next hour anyway...

Then came the 6:30am nap. Actually it was more like 5:30am nap. I told myself I can nap twice, because I was really tired. So I set my alarm, put it on the bed right next to me and went to sleep. Then I felt like hitting myself... 12pm. I slept through 2 naps, and one alarm clock. Big red crosses on the table I have.

It is almost 5pm while I am writing this and I expect that by the end of tonight I'll be back up to where I was before I overslept -- no big deal. 2:30pm went smoothly except I barely got to sleep, just lie there and get lost in my thoughts then realise it is time to get up. That is okay, I lied there the whole time and at the right time. It would have been better than ignoring it completely.

Unfortunately at 6:30pm I'll have to skip a nap as mum decided to tell me about 15 minutes ago we are going for a barbecue. Perhaps I should let them know I am sleeping polyphasic? Well they will find out soon enough anyway.

I'll be back on track at 10:30pm and I feel I have learnt something today and it better happened earlier than later. I was blaming my alarm clock for not being loud enough to wake me up. It is, but I set it too far away. I think I set it for 30 minutes, that would have given me time to fall in to a deep sleep and be difficult to wake up. Even if I did wake up, I wouldn't remember, which is also possible. So from now on, even if I think I'll take 5 minutes to get to sleep, I am always setting my alarm clock to 24 minutes. Also, I'll place it right beside my head to make sure it wakes me up, and I'll nap on my bed so I know where I am when I wake up(I slept on the mattress at 2:30am, woke up confused).


luctensity said...

wow, you're now on day 3.
to be frank I have to congratulate you! Man, you're awesome--

How about doing something else eh, how long can human being live without sleeping? :p

Alex said...

The record is like 11 days, if you don't include that a very rare case where someone just can't sleep and they then done sometime months later. Apparently some Vietnamese guy hasn't slept for over 3 decades. But generally a week without sleeping at most.