Sunday, December 7, 2008

That's it - It's over

All my effort towards this has gone to waste.

It was about 3am when I stopped caring. If I had kept going, tonight I'd face grumpy parents and be forced to go to bed at 11pm again. What's the big deal anyway? Why can't I just try it? Whatever, they got what they wanted. An unhappy son and their way.

I woke up at about midday to mum telling me to sleep at normal times. My back feels a bit stressed on the lower part, my eyes have twice the black around them as they did yesterday(returned to normal) and I don't feel like I've had a refreshing sleep. I can already feel the negative effects of monophasic sleep. Infact I felt exhausted when I woke up, probably because the sudden change in sleep patterns.

It's like a healthy vegetarian suddenly starts eating meat and junkfood.

It looks like I am going to return to the original sleep deprived, part time insomniac when school starts again. Why? Because seniors start at 8am for most of the days. I'll struggle to wake up every day, I'll struggle to get to sleep early enough every night.

I was pretty close. In a few days from now if I'd have kept going I'd be adapted enough that I wouldn't need to worry about oversleeping. In a few years when I don't live here anymore I'll be able to sleep when I want and then I'll show them that it is definitely possible. Right now the decision has been made for me and I've been forced to apply someone elses beliefs. It sounds like being forced to go to church.

Now, think about this question. Is it possible for teenagers to live up to their parents expectations?


Deirdre said...

Hi, Alex. What a disaster! It'll be terrible if you have to stop now (I've been following your progress since finding your blog via Identica). Is there any chance your parents haven't fully decided yet? Maybe they haven't yet understood what's involved? I think (guessing), they'd probably be really proud of you if they knew how much effort you've put in already.
[I've signed in with a Blogger account I don't use now, sorry; couldn't get OpenID to use my WP.]

Alex said...

Thanks for commenting but unfortunately I already hit the reset button with the 9 hour sleep I took this morning. There is no way I can convince them except that after I move out, if I kept it up for several months and got a doctor check up to prove that I haven't experienced any longterm harmful effects. No way will they let me do that now. Mum doesn't really know what is involved just thinks im lacking sleep but dad knows how it works, but I think he clicked on the site which told him it is bad and believed it. They don't believe what I say.

Oh and by the way, identica. I don't really use that much and I think I just added a bunch of people I didnt know on it. Heh.

If you(or anyone else reading this) have a blog especially about polyphasic sleep I'd be happy to read it to see how you went/are going.

Deirdre said...

That's such a pity. It seemed like you were doing so well. I can think of a number of things which might be worrying your parents: your health or moods; family schedules; fear of crazy Internet ideas; not understanding why someone would want less sleep when most of us want more, etc. (All issues which could be overcome with a bit of information or negotiation, probably, unless it really is too late.)

I don't know anything about polyphasic sleep, sorry, I was just impressed with the way you approached the project: it was well-planned and admirably serious for someone who's 15.

Deirdre said...

Sorry, forgot - re Identica and adding people you don't know: I've done the same; I think that's a pretty common practice now.